GoPro Launches The $99 3D Hero Camera System

3D! Video! YAY! GoPro is the latest company to catch the 3D bug and just outed the 3D Hero System. The system isn’t all that complex. It’s really just a mounting system that straps two of the firm’s 1080p HD Hero action cameras into a special polycarbonate, waterproof housing that also syncs the camera’s video together. The captured data is then turned into magical 3D with included software in post processing. Complex or not, that camera sled should look boss on the front of a car as it races around a circuit. 

Currently the system is sold without cameras for $99 and just started shipping. Buyers need to supply their own HD Hero cameras or purchase them separately for $259 each. Note: The less expensive HD Hero 960 is not compatible with the 3D system, just the 1080p HD Hero.