Yet Another Senior MySpace Exec Bails: SVP Tish Whitcraft Joins Tagged

“Tish Whitcraft recently joined MySpace as SVP of Customer Care responsible for delivering a world-class user experience to the 250 million + MySpace users,” the company said in mid 2008 when Whitcraft, a seasoned big company executive, joined the team. Now, three years later Whitcraft joins countless other MySpace execs, and about 190 million of those 250 million users, and leaves.

She’s joining Tagged, a social network that has somehow survived, and even thrived, in a Facebook world. Her first day at Tagged as Chief Customer Officer is on Monday morning.

Part of her job will be what CEO Greg Tseng is calling “onshoring” of a bunch of customer service jobs. Fifty customer service reps working with Tagged in India as contractors will be let go, and the company will be replacing them with new full time employee hires in San Francisco.

Tagged, with more than 100 million users, is on track to meet their $50 million revenue goal this calendar year, and are currently at a $40 million run rate, says Tseng. They have 65 full time employees, and will be at 100 by year end (not including the new customer service reps).