Maximize Your Tweets with

In 2011 everyone should know that links are the currency of the web. And Twitter is one of the primary mediums for link exchange. There is absolutely no dearth of link shortening services to allow you to cram as many links as possible into a 140 character tweet. But is that really exchanging value? Or is it just diluting the relative value of any one link by creating link fatigue in your followers? Today a handful of bold entrepreneurs in Columbus, Ohio are rolling out, a service that lets you maximize the value of the links you tweet. As they say, “size really does matter.”

“41url is changing the game,” says Jason Blanton, 41url’s Director of Technology and Development. “Look at,, tinyurl, and so on. None of them utilize 100% of a tweet’s capacity. We say ‘waste not, want not’. 41url uses all 140 characters. Plus, 41url is made in the USA! Not some far away land like Grenada, Libya, or Houston.”

Alvin Borromeo, Director of Research, laments that “Everyday people are tweeting and leaving excess capacity behind like it doesn’t have meaning. Like they won’t wake up one day and think, ‘What am I doing?’ Wake up! Hit 41url. Its revolutionary. It can start a revolution. Start a revolution with something revolutionary.” is available for immediate use. Give it a try.