Richard Rosenblatt: Seriously, Leave My Yacht Out Of This

Earlier this afternoon, Mike posted an exclusive story about an internal war raging within Google.

In the post he mentioned that Google revenue chief Nikesh Arora had recently returned from a two week jaunt in the Caribbean with Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt aboard Rosenblatt’s yacht, ‘The Adsense‘.

A few minutes after the post went live, Rosenblatt called the TechCrunch office and left a voicemail. Boy is he pissed. Not at any of the other details of the story — which he doesn’t deny — but about Mike revealing details of his yacht.

We understand that, in these piracy-infested times, the super-rich are rightly protective of their yachts — but come on dude, it’s called ‘The Adsense‘. That’s news!

Voicemail below.