Wolfram Research Acquires Modeling And Simulation Software Developer MathCore

Wolfram Research, the parent company behind computational search engine Wolfram Alpha, is acquiring MathCore Engineering AB, the developer of the MathModelica modeling and simulation software system. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

MathModelica is a software system for multi-engineering modeling and simulation based on Modelica and Mathematica. MathModelica allows users to develop advanced multi-engineering models in a simple drag and drop interface and includes a large number of built-in base models for engineering domains, including electrical, mechanical, and thermal, as well as for areas like biochemical modeling. The resulting models can be directly simulated and visualized. MathCore’s software is used by companies such as Rolls-Royce, Siemens and Scania.

One of the pluses of MathModelica is that it is fully integrated with Wolfram’s computational software program Mathmatica. MathModelica models can currently be directly imported into Mathematica. And the two software products are complimentary. For example, measurement data can be imported to Mathematica and used to validate models, identify parameter values, and so on.

Wolfram plans to bring together Mathematica and MathCore’s technology—as well as Wolfram|Alpha and CDF—to create a system that “will launch a whole new era in design, modeling and systems engineering.”

For more details on the acquisition and technology, checkout Stephen Wolfram’s in-depth blog post on the subject.