Video: Kyocera Echo Unboxed Over 2 Weeks Early

Look, Wirefly: I’m going to be candid here. If your goal is to make friends with the blogging world so that everyone will share these videos you’ve taken to making lately, unboxing every handset that comes through your stock room weeks before release isn’t the way to do it.

When you start doing these videos, you’ve entered into a different realm — one where we battle to convince reps to send us handsets early, live as close to shipping hubs as possible, wake up at the crack of dawn to meet the UPS guy at his truck, then blast out videos at a breakneck pace in hopes of being the first to get one online. When you’re shooting videos with handsets you’ve got early because you’re supposed to sell them, you’re cheating.

With that said, here’s Wirefly’s unboxing of the Kyocera Echo. It’ll likely be the last of their unboxings we post.