The I'm Watch: Risible Garbage Or Ridiculous Frippery?

It’s not every day that we see something so high-minded and, simultaneously, ham-handed. The I’m Watch (“iWatch” would have brought the wrath of Apple down with the certainty of the seasons’ change) is a “luxury” tech watch that is supposed to connect to your iPhone and preview your messages, email, and make calls. It is pure and utter buffoonery to think that this thing is worth more than $50 let alone 599 euro in Titanium and a piquant 11,999 Euro in “black gold,” really PVD-coated yellow or rose gold.

The I’m Watch is in its concept stages right now and it is my sincere hope that it stays there.

The best thing is that the site includes a heartfelt message from the designers:

“We are convinced that there are things innate in man, things that are intangible yet truly unique and great: creativity, imagination, the ability to formulate brilliant ideas and the determination to put these into practice.
This we have done, and have tried to do it to the best of our ability. In other words, we have taken an innovative, highly technological idea and rekindled in ourselves that fundamental impulse in which we Italians excel: creative design.
Our philosophy is to make that which surrounds us not only more useful but also more beautiful.
What we were waiting for is now here: i’m.”

Good on ya, lads. Why not make a proper watch and not stick a cheap “phone watch” into a metal case?


Product Page via Accesoweb