The Droid X Gingerbread Update Brings A Little But Welcome Fix To The Dock Clock Mode

Huzzah! I loaded the leaked Gingerbread release on my Droid X last night and have fantastic news to report. The stupid colon doesn’t blink when the phone is docked now. Gingerbread as a whole is a tasty update, but this single change makes me a happy little boy. Before the colon would blink as quick as a strobe light. It was major distraction as the dock rests right between my two monitors and the damn colon would always grab my attention inadvertently.

I wasn’t alone in my annoyance, either. It was a common complaint and there are tons of forum posts of users seeking to modify the dock clock mode. By the way, the Droid X dock is only $23 on Amazon and is totally worth it especially thanks to this update.