Fuze Meeting Brings Multi-Party HD Video Conferencing To The iPad 2 And Android Devices

FuzeBox, the developer of an online meeting software, is launching its multi-party HD video conferencing technology for the iPad 2 and Android devices. Previously released in private beta, the software had been updated with support for more devices, an improved user interface, and more multimedia sharing and annotation options.

As I’ve written in the past, Fuze’s video technology provides a WebEx-like conferencing service that allows users to share screens and run meetings online. As opposed to its competitors, Fuze promises a sleeker more lightweight interface that incorporates HD video. I’ve tested the technology out multiple times, and not only is Fuze easy to use, but there is little to no latency and features high video quality.

With the debut of video capabilities in the newest version of the iPad, Fuze has updates its own technology to support the device and has also added a few bells and whistles. The multi-party conferencing, which works for up to 10 participants, includes support for multimedia sharing (documents, presentations, videos and images), real-time annotation within the conference and activiate a laser pointer within meetings.

The company is also introducing French and Spanish support and more international toll-free numbers. And what makes the meeting application unique is that it works across all major platforms including Macs, PCs, iOS devices, and Android tablets.

While Fuze has a somewhat unorthodox past, the company has made a big met on video conferencing and meetings software recently, which could pay off with enterprise customers. To date, Fuze has been awarded 23 patents around telephony and collaboration with an additional 42 pending.

Fuze is also offering TechCrunch readers 5 VIP Fuze Meeting accounts (a value of $210). The first five readers to email techcrunch@fuzebox.com will receive a free account.