The journalists at GeeknRolla

One thing I really like to do with GeeknRolla is to make it very real. What does that mean? Well, it’s fast paced – no-one can speak longer than 20 minutes – so they really have to get to the point. The panels are short so people have to step up to the plate and get their message out before we move on. The whole thing is curated from an editorial point of view: what is really going on out there? And more action happens in the breaks and lunch where we make sure people network with each other and get real things done. We even love to break news at the event.

Another way we try to keep it real is by inviting journalists to get on stage and ask real questions of those appearing. Sure, we have the odd cosy ‘fireside’ chat. But we also like to get to the bottom of things. Which is why I’m so proud that my awesome colleagues in the media have joined us to moderate aspects of the programme and generally hang out with the tech startup scene. And those are just the ones on stage – there are plenty more turning up to cover the event.

Combine that with an amazing speaker lineup and you have a great recipe. It’s a huge privilege to be the Chef.

I can’t wait till tomorrow. Here’s are our on-stage journalist panel moderators (in alphabetical order):