Tap Tap Revenge Now Available For Android

Whoa! It’s a huge day for the big-name mobile games. Just a little while ago, the universally known Doodle Jump got its long-awaited multiplayer update. Hours later, another massively popular title is gettin’ a big new feature: Tap Tap Revenge, a title so popular that it lead Disney to snatch up the company that built it, is now available on Android.

Like its iOS counterpart, Tap Tap Revenge for Android is a music game (think Dance Dance Revolution, or Guitar Hero) wherein you tap a quickly scrolling series of icons to the beat of any of the game’s bazillionty pop tracks. The better your timing, the better your score. Also like the original iOS build, Tap Tap Revenge for Android is a free download and comes with a handful of songs — but once you’re bored of what’s built in, you’ll have to shell out some dough for new tracks.

You can find Tap Tap Revenge on the Android Market right over here.

[Thanks Jerry!]