How Aol Spends Its Money: Episode 40,000 – The Great Scratch Card Hoax

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One of the great things about working for Aol is the company’s dedication to making its 5,860 5000 remaining employees happy and motivated.

Only this morning, for example, a package arrived at TCHQ packed full of materials promoting Aol’s “4th Canvas Collection Unveiling” — an initiative where upcoming artists are commissioned to produce art to promote the Aol “brand”. Sounds awesome, right? Right.

But it gets better: also included in the package were scratch cards, allowing we loyal Aol foot-soldiers the chance to (quote) “WIN A LIMITED EDITION SIGNED ARTIST PRINT FROM THE NEW COLLECTION!” Surely even a cynic like me could get on board with that, right?

RIGHT! I grabbed my Aol hat, raced to a browser window and… well… video below…