Kickstarter: The Cosmonaut Stylus Treats Tablets Like Whiteboards, Not Paper (and that's awesome)

Kickstarter is really the go-to place for all things iPad/iPhone. If you have a random case you wanna sell, put it up on Kickstarter. It’s kind of a running joke with us right now because of the sheer amount of iPad products on the site. But the Cosmonaut is different. It’s actually clever.

Tablet users should understand the benefit here. Writing on an iPad isn’t like writing on paper. It’s different and as the embedded Kickstarter video explains, the experience is more like using a white board and so this stylus was designed with that in mind. The kicker (get it? because it’s on Kickstarter? nvm) is that this project doesn’t have multiple tiers of funding. Pledge what you want. There’s only 3000 funding slots open and pledges start at just a $1. Clever.

This isn’t the Cosmonaut’s creators first go on Kickstarter. Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost were behind one of the first Kickstarter breakout products, the Glif. That project hit $137k in funding so these boys know a thing or two about creating a novel product.

As of this post’s writing the project is nearly $20k short of their $50k target. As Kickstarter projects go, this one is about as clever and seemingly sustanable as the PadPivot and Glif. Tablet stylus are nothing new, but I would drop the $25 retail price on the Cosmonaut if it were available right now. I want this. Bad.