Ev Williams States The Obvious: He's No Longer Fully Committed To Twitter; Thinking About What's Next

As we confirmed yesterday, Evan WIlliams is taking a step back from his day to day duties at Twitter. Williams just published a post, titled ‘An Obvious Next Step’ on his personal blog explaining the reasoning behind his decision.

From his post: The reason I left Blogger/Google when I did is that I felt it had reached a place where it was on solid ground and in capable hands (at the time, Jason Goldman’s as product manager). Though still an independent company, I realized Twitter may be at a similar point today. So, as was reported in various places yesterday, I’ve decided to scale back my role at the company. (I’m still involved, but it’s no longer my full-time job.)

Williams will continue to serve on Twitter’s board of directors and will advise the company and employees when needed. While he says he’s ‘not ready’ to talk about his next venture, the New York Times reported yesterday that Williams is mulling a new start-up idea.

As for Twitter, co-founder Jack Dorsey is back at the company, helping lead product strategy. And as Twitter turns five, the changing of the guard (or the return) will debut tonight as Biz Stone and Dorsey make a joint appearance on CNN’s Piers Tonight.

Williams did ‘venture a prediction about what’s next for Twitter: It will be bigger and better.