Despite Secretive Mission, Air Force's X-37B Spotted

No, we still have no idea what the Air Force is doing up there with the X-37B, but at least now we can track its movement. Amateur skywatchers—a delightful phrase&mdashl have discovered the whereabouts of the spacecraft. There’s even video of it in orbit.

I’d understand if a point of light in the nighttime sky doesn’t exactly sound very Hollywood, but the fact that people were able to track it down deserves praise.

There’s a few Web sites that give step-by-step instructions on when and where to look for the spacecraft, but keep in mind that you’ll need to be between 42.8 degrees of the Earth’s equator to see it.

The assumption is that the Air Force is up there testing super-secret reconnaissance equipment, but you won’t find anything in the way or confirmation or denial from Washington. (The spacecraft itself is nothing special, being essentially an offshoot of Nasa’s space shuttle.)