Best Buy Adds 4G To Its Mobile Internet Service


Best Buy is now in the the 4G business. The company has announced that its Best Buy Connect service, which first launched last July, will now support 4G, courtesy of a deal worked out with Clearwire. Access to the 4G network will set you back $45 per month, with Best Buy willing to waive the $35 activation fee if you agree to a two-year contract.

The service will be available as an option one any one of 23 “computing models” that Best Buy sells from the likes of Asus, HP, and Samsung.

Best Buy says that its customers want “choice” when it comes to mobile Internet access, hence its move to 4G.

Keep in mind that it could become harder and harder to find “choice,” as the nation’s telecos attempt to gobble each other up.

You think things are bad now, in other words.