Twitter Piggybacks On Lady Gaga's Birthday To Announce 24 New Hires

Jack Dorsey isn’t the only one announcing a new role at Twitter … Twitter HR Manager Cheryl Palarca tweeted that the company has hired another batch of people today, “in honor of Lady Gaga’s birthday.”

For those of you that got excited (myself included), that Gaga thing is a joke, even though the popstar did recently visit the company and today is indeed her 25th birthday. The actual number of new hires is also 24 not 25,  which bumps the total Twitter staff up to 450 people, Twitter PR rep Carolyn Penner tells me. So Twitter basically just hired 5% of the company. And is still hiring.!/rcoder/status/50698052108959745

While Twitter wouldn’t give me a list of new hires (“they’re all key hires”), we hear that the @Twitter account is pretty good about following new employees a couple of days after they start work so you can check there if you’re curious. At least one, communications representative Kristen Hawley, has already tweeted about getting her dream job.

Also: I wouldn’t be surprised if this round of new employees included a good proportion of Googlers, as Google bonuses get paid out in March.!/kh/status/52427968894607361