Shoparatti: Another Daily Deal Aggregator (But Curated By Melissa Rivers!)

Exclusive – There’s a ton of daily deal sites out there, and we’ve seen a bunch of daily deal aggregators pop up in the past few months, too. Today sees the launch of yet another one of those, dubbed Shoparatti.

A ‘one-stop destination for busy online shoppers’, Shoparatti’s claim to fame is its semi-famous editor-in-chief Melissa Rivers, daughter of comedian and actress Joan Rivers.

Rivers and her team of editors will scour more than 100 daily deal web sites and showcase the best offers they can find through, Facebook and an iPhone app. According to the press release, Rivers will be drawing upon her “expertise in spotting trends in lifestyle, entertainment and fashion” to make her Shoparatti selections.

Yipit and 8coupons needn’t worry too much at this point, though.

“As a mom and passionate shopper I know what it’s like to spend hours hunting down the best deals on the web; it’s frustrating and time consuming,” said Rivers. “Everyone knows I love shopping, not to mention getting a deal and telling my friends about the great deal I just got.”


We’d be somewhat excited about the news if endorsements of involvement from celebrities ever helped a startup succeed in the cutthroat e-commerce industry, but alas. Also, why would anyone boast about the fact that ‘everyone’ knows how much he or she loves shopping?