PrepMe's Coursification Offers A Personalized Online Learning Platform

Online test prep company PrepMe is taking on the likes of online course platform Blackboard with the launch of Coursification, a web-based application for personalized online learning courses.

What differentiates Coursification from other course management and online learning platforms is that it helps teachers offer a tailored, personalized curriculum to each student based on their performance and learning schedule. Each online course begins with a diagnostic assessment that identifies student learning gaps (specialized to the subject). After the diagnostic test, each student receives a personalized study schedule, which the teacher can simply import into the platform. The schedule is customized based on student proficiencies and the duration of the course.

As students complete their assignments online, their comprehension is evaluated in short quizzes and longer tests online. PrepMe will store and analyze every interaction between the student and the curriculum and adjust the study plan based on progress the student has made. The platform also offers the ability to message and chat with teachers within Coursification and the ability to send files as well.

Similar to Blackboard and other online learning SaaS offerings, PrepMe allows teachers to upload source materials, tests, quizzes and more. Because much of the learning and testing is based online, Coursification is ideal for professors and teachers who are comfortable with placing all of their content on a web platform. PrepMe’s offering could also be useful for remote teaching.

In addition to Blackboard, PrepMe faces competition from Instructure and Moodle.