Nokia Ditches Old Familiar Font For Shiny New One

Before reading the following post, I suggest you make peace with your Maker because it’s so intense you may just explode in ecstasy. Are you ready? I mean, really, ask yourself: are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready because you couldn’t possibly be ready. Well, OK, maybe you are ready. Let’s hope so. Ready? Here we go: Nokia is using a new font.


Yes, the Finnish giant has said that it will stop using its old standby Nokia Sans, and will instead begin using Nokia Pure. The move to Pure is part of the company’s ongoing brand re-building, which also includes embracing Microsoft and it Windows Phone 7 platform.

Nokia says the new font will look and feel better on today’s digital devices than old man Sans.

I’d be shocked if all the stars in the galaxy—and there’s anywhere from 100-400 billion of them—don’t explode upon hearing this.