Kindle Subscribers Will Be Able To Access For Free

Amazon has just announced that Kindle users who subscribe to The New York Times on their device will receiving access to news site for free. The date in which this access will hit has not been determined, according to the release.

As we reported last week, the New York Times announced its paywall, which allows for free access to a set amount of content across digital platforms. The Kindle subscription for the New York Times costs $19.99 per month, and these users will not have to pay for any content when accessing the

For non-home delivery subscribers, access to the plus its Smartphone Apps starts at $15 every four weeks. For tablet access, the subscription will cost $20. Obviously, if Kindle user are already paying for a subscription to the New York Times via their e-reading device, it wouldn’t make sense to charge them twice.

The New York Times rolled out the paywall today and updated its mobile apps in advance of the new structure.

It’s unclear if Barnes and Noble’s e-reader, the Nook, has also reached a similar agreement with the New York Times.