JavaScript Creator And Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich To Advise

Brendan Eich, creator of the JavaScript scripting language and chief technology officer at Mozilla, has joined the advisory board of Amsterdam, The Netherlands-based

We recently wrote about’s introduction of Cloud9 IDE, a commercial, cloud-based development platform for JavaScript that incorporates HTML5, and supporting Python, Ruby and PHP.

Eich is known for his work on Netscape, where he started work in April 1995 and invented JavaScript. He then helped found in early 1998, serving as chief architect, and later helped spin out the Mozilla Foundation.

In August 2005, after serving as a member of the foundation’s Board of Directors, Brendan became CTO of the newly founded Mozilla Corporation. His primary focus is improving the company‚Äôs star product, web browser Firefox.

His appointment to the advisory board is of course a boon for, which intends to use his insights to move forward with the advancement and promotion of Cloud9.

The company is looking to expand into North America in 2011.

(Photo via Wikipedia)