The iPad 2 To "Be Available At 500 RadioShack Locations" Tomorrow

Yay for easily-confirmed Internet rumors! MacRumors just posted a photo claiming to come from a RadioShack internal memo, which states 500 retail locations will start selling the iPad 2 on March 29th. That’s tomorrow if you happen to be reading this the day I hit the publish button. This comes as a bit of a surprise as a RadioShack has yet to officially announce iPad 2 plans even though they’re apparently going on sale tomorrow. However, a quick call to two of my local RadioShacks revealed that the memo is real (one lady read me the memo) but these associates were unable to tell if their particular stores were receiving any inventory by tomorrow’s launch.

Still, with iPad 2 inventory understandably low, I wouldn’t start camping your local Shack just yet. I mean if you’re anxiously looking for an iPad 2, for sure pencil in a trip for tomorrow morning. I would first put in a call to a couple of nearby stores to see if they’re getting a shipment.  After all still lists the iPad 2 with a 3-4 week shipping window and Verizon is apparently having issues shipping out first round orders. Oh, and while you’re down there, sign up for Dish Network and get a free gun. YMMV on that deal.