Now You Can Shop For Shoes From Anywhere With The Zappos Android App

There is no doubt that mobile commerce is heating up. The market is expected to be a multi-billion dollar sector in 2011 and eBay, Amazon and many other online retailers are launching designated apps for smartphone platforms. Zappos has furthered its footprint in m-commerce with the launch of an Android app.

Similar to the online retailer’s iPhone and iPad apps, you can search, browse, read reviews, share, and buy shoes, handbags, clothing, jewelry and more via the app. Purchasers get the same benefits of shopping on, including a 365-day return policy and 24-7 customer support. Of course, Zappos is known for its customer service and has a dedicated team covering support for mobile sales.

Zappos is owned by e-commerce giant Amazon, who bought the retail site for for $1.2 billion in 2009. It’s no secret that parent company Amazon is bullish on mobile commerce, and has launched a number of mobile apps that enable a more seamless shopping experience on the go. Zappos only launched its iPhone and iPad apps in late 2010, so the retailer is still relatively new to the mobile market.

But considering the rise of m-commerce and the popularity of Zappos’ shopping portal, I’m going to guess that its mobile apps will be a hit.