Dwolla's FiSync Lets You Instantly Access Cash, Eliminates ACH Wait Times For Banks

Innovative web and mobile payments platform Dwolla is announcing today its FiSync integration for financial institutions, a technology which lets users of participating banks integrate their accounts with with the Dwolla platform. FiSync will let members of partner financial institutions send and receive money via phone, web, Twitter and Facebook as well as at actual stores instantly.

Because of a technology partnership with The Members Group, a full Dwolla FiSync core integration will eliminate the 2-3 day wait times associated with Automated Clearing House transactions and will allow users to directly transfer cash from their bank accounts, without the need for a pre-loaded Dwolla account.

Dwolla provides a free web based software platform which allows users to send, receive, and request funds from any other user, charging merchants and others receiving funds only 25 cents. The service just released a pretty amazing location-based check-in and pay service called Spots, which basically eliminates the need for NFC or hardware dongles like Square at locations with the integration.

Says CEO Ben Milne, “In ten years the market is going to be defined by our connections to social networks, not through email addresses and phone numbers. We’re creating technologies that allow you to spend money wherever you’d like to.”

Banks like Premier and several unnamed others have already signed up to use the service through their home-banking functions, and Dwolla is offering its custom APIs for free in case others are others interested.