French software gurus launch new investor group Seed4Soft

It wasn’t too long ago that France seemed somewhat void of much early-stage investment activity. But then last year, a number of new seed funds popped up – like Kima Ventures, Jaïna Capital and ISAI. Plus, a handful of new business angels have also sprung to life, especially since the French government has allowed citizens to reduce their wealth tax by investing in a startup since 2008. Adding to France’s budding seed environment, some 13 French software gurus are officially launching a new entrepreneur-turned-investor group called Seed4Soft today.

Seed4Soft may somewhat ressemble French seed fund ISAI in that its members are a number of successful entrepreneurs – including the likes of Franck Delorme (the former CEO of Sparus Software, sold to Zenprise), Laurent Balayre (former CEO of AS INFOR, sold to CEGID) and François Bourdoncle (CEO of Exalead, sold to Daussault Systèmes). However, Seed4Soft presents itself as a club of entrepreneur-investors rather than a proper fund. The network plans to invest roughly 300K€ in 3 to 4 companies within the next year. And as the team is a rather impressive group of software entrepreneurs, Seed4Soft is naturally hoping to provide more value than simple cash for software development.

Seed4Soft will be primarily focusing on projects coming out of France but is naturally considering projects from neighboring francophone countries, including Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium. The focus will be more on B2B projects with innovative business models in the SaaS and Open Source space. And it seems some 4 companies have already scored the “Seed4Soft” label, which is given to investments where at least 1/3 of Seed4Soft’s members participate.

For anyone interested in submitting a project, no need to send in a detailed business plan; simply apply by filling out the form and sending in the necessary details.