Facebook Tries To Squash 21 Squatted Domain Names

Facebook is trying to gain ownership over 21 domain names that include the term ‘facebook’, including KillFacebook.com, FacebookStuff.com and FacebookSafety.com.

The domain names are all currently owned by a company called Domain Asset Holdings, a domain squatter based in Potomac, Maryland.

Indeed, when you visit those URLs, they are all listed for sale – some even feature the reserve price (FacebookCheats.com is priced $4,000 and AboutFacebook.com even double that).

The domains are all listed on DomainMarket.com, a domain marketplace operated by WashingtonVC (also the owner of Phone.com, SEO.com, Software.com and more).

That is of course the main difference with sites like AllFacebook.com and InsideFacebook.com, both blogs covering all things Facebook. As far as I know, the social networking company doesn’t have an issue with their names.

In the beginning of last year, we reported that both Apple and Microsoft moved to seize a large number of domain names from squatters in one fell swoop. This isn’t uncommon, in other words, but worth noting since Facebook doesn’t often attempt to have squatted domains transfered over to them.