Google TV PM Brittany Bohnet Leaves Google To Found A Startup

Google TV Product Lead Brittany Bohnet has just announced that she’s leaving Google after four years to try her luck as an entrepreneur, presumably as a co-founder of an as of yet un-named startup.

At Google Bohnet was a Product Marketing Manager who worked on products like Maps, Earth and iGoogle, but most recently Google TV. Before Google Bohnet worked in PR at Apple as well as Marketing at Tiny Pictures. Bohnet has also been a founder before, being the CEO of Median Media which was a PR consulting company for Silicon Valley startups.

We’ve contacted Bohnet for more details and await her blog post about the matter. Bohnet most recently made TechCrunch in a post about her engagement to PATH co-founder Dave Morin.

Update: Bohnet tells me her company is still in “stealthish-mode,” which means that you’ll probably be hearing about it first here.

Says Bohnet on taking the risk and becoming an entrepreneur, “I’ve long been inspired by female entrepreneurs and it’s a great feeling to now be one of them. The possibilities are endless and I’m excited to create a company of my own.”