Sprint To Fight The AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Want to know something crazy? If you put AT&T and T-Mobile together — as would happen if AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mo goes through as planned — the new, shiny, two-headed super-carrier that emerges would account for 42% (130 million) of the US’ wireless market share. Nearly half of the country’s wireless subscribers, all under the same subscriber. With Verizon in second, the top two carriers in the US would account for 79% of the market share. That’s nuts.

So nuts, in fact, that Sprint plans on trying to fight it. According to Bloomberg, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has expressed his intensions to file a complaint to Congress. Why? It’ll “stifle innovation”.

The fact that it would more or less permanently cap Sprint in their current third place spot probably doesn’t help, either.

[Via Phonescoop]