43 Promising Startups Present At Y Combinator's Biggest Demo Day Yet

Twice a year, Y Combinator holds special events called Demo Day, when its most recent batch of startups present to a packed room full of top investors. It’s the grand finale of the program, where entrepreneurs have a few minutes to show off what they’ve built in the hopes of raising a seed round to help their companies stay afloat for at least a few more months (and hopefully much longer).

Of course, Demo Day is a bit different from what it was a year or two ago. The spectre of a $0 bank account is further off, as Y Combinator companies are now being offered $150,000 in convertible debt by Start Fund, the fund created by Yuri Milner and Ron Conway’s SV Angel. And there are now more companies than ever — 43 companies presented during Demo Day this afternoon, which means they’re each given a bit less time.

But the spirit is still the same. It’s a whirlwind introduction to some of the most promising tech startups around, and investors are so eager to attend that Y Combinator has had to start offering two Demo Days per session. The investors at today’s session (which is generally more desirable than day two) had something special in common: YC cofounder Paul Graham announced that all investors in attendance had previously invested in a Y Combinator company.

We’ve already covered many of the companies that presented today (and most of the others were off the record). Here’s a handy list of links to our past coverage.