Twitter Taps Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart And Other Celebs For Promotional Video

As it celebrates its fifth birthday, Twitter has launched new discovery interface and a star studded video featuring a number of celebs that use the service.

Located at, the video features Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Richard Branson, Piers Morgan, Serena Williams, Rachel Zoe, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart and others explaining how they use Twitter.

Snoop even says that he follows Martha Stewart, “…Martha Stewart, because she keeps it stuttered and buttered, baked and flaked, and she love to wake and bake with the big Snoop Dogg.” The site, which is clearly a promotional campaign, also allows you to follow the 16 Twitter users featured in its video and access suggested users lists based upon interests.

Five years later, Twitter is still hitting record usage, and clearly has evolved into the go-to communications platform for news, celebrities, music, politics, and more. And the company is reportedly now valued at just under $4 billion.