Beetailer Helps Online Retailers Set Up Shop On Facebook

With Facebook’s massive userbase of over 600 million consumers across the globe, retailers are actively flocking to the network. Especially considering the rise of the social e-commerce, the idea of a virtual shopping mall on Facebook makes sense.

Today, Y Combinator-backed Beetailer is launching its software application that allows online retailers to import their web store onto Facebook. Not only does Beetailer import products onto a designated Facebook page, but the startup also allows retailers to promote their store and access detailed analytics about how well the social storefront is performing.

Beetailer’s software connects with existing e-commerce platform, such as Magento and Shopify, and will import and sync online catalogs including, prices, images, sizes, colors and even whether products are in stock. The online storefront will populate on the retailer’s Facebook page and will essentially allow Facebook users to browse and add products to a shopping cart within the social network. When a user clicks to checkout and actually purchase the products, Beetailer will lead the user to the e-retailer’s website so the shopper will checkout via the retailer’s preferred payment process.

But in addition to accessing the social network’s vast userbase, retailers can also leverage Facebook’s social graph to engage consumers. Beetailer allows retailers to launch time-limited, Facebook-specific promotions, including prizes and discounts for fans who like, comment, and bring other friends to the store.

Additionally, Beetailer provides retailers with analytics to measure the results of each
promotion. Beetailer’s data will include traffic, demographic data, most visited products, most visited categories, number of checkout and more.

Currently, Beetailer, which was co-founded by Spanish engineers Laura Valverde, Miguel A. Martinez and Juan Gallego, has helped 900 online retailers (here’s an example) set up shop on Facebook for more than 434,000 products. There are a number of other players in the same space, including Payvment, which also helps retailers set up online storefront on Facebook.

But as shopping on the social network ramps up there is a need for a variety of offerings to help retailers leverage the power of Facebook.