Use A Body Cap And Some Foil To Make Your DSLR A Pinhole Camera

Pinhole cameras look like a lot of fun to mess around with, but unless you’re willing to really dedicate some time and materials to them, you’re kind of out of luck. And film is expensive! So this little DIY project is a fun way to experiment with the format, even if it’s not quite the same thing.

All you need is take a spare body cap (used to cover up the lens mount when there’s no lens), some aluminum foil, and a pin. Drill (or gouge) a hole in center of the body cap, then tape the foil down and put a tiny pinprick exactly in the center. Put on the body cap, and presto, digital pinhole camera!

The pictures shown in the video are pretty blurry (yeah, that’ll happen), but if you mess around with it and try a few different pinholes and exposure settings, I bet you’ll get some interesting shots. Anyway, it’s something to try for the weekend.