Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Joins Net Neutrality Support Group


It’s one thing when one of us here stand up for Net Neutrality, but when Sir Tim Berners-Lee does it you really ought to pay attention. Why? Oh, you know, because he invented the World Wide Web. You wouldn’t be able to click-click-click around the Web if it weren’t for him. Shocking: he supports Net Neutrality. What does he know, right?

Berners-Lee has joined the Broadband Stakeholder Group in the UK, and the group’s goal is to ensure that ISPs manage their networks in an open and transparent manner. It’s not against ISP network management, per se, but it at least wants the ISPs to be open about their management practices.

The group, like most Net Neutrality supporters, also doesn’t want to see ISPs prioritize traffic based on their own selfish reasons: we have a deal with Company A so we’re going to artificially slow down access to Company B.

But again, Tim Berners-Lee: what does he know?