SXSW: Sights and Sounds (TCTV)

The SXSW interactive and technology programming has just ended and the music festival is getting underway. The interactive portion featured hundreds of panels inside the convention center. But much of the action, networking and fun took place in the streets of Austin. As MG Siegler wrote, maybe “people should just show up in Austin next year and not even go to the actual conference.” If you did that this year, here’s what you might have seen.

In between our interviews, we sent our TechCrunch TV videographer John Murillo and his Canon 7D out to capture the sights and sounds of SXSW – the food, beer, games, and parties. SXSWi was a very fragmented event. In many ways, it was an 100-ring circus, with each participant having a unique experience. Share you own experiences and links to your videos in the comments.

In case you missed them, check out some of the interviews covered by TCTV:

We’ll also be releasing several more in-depth interviews on our weekly show “Keen On.”