Google Upgrades Program To Help U.S. Nonprofits Use AdWords, Apps And More

Google has had a one-stop shop for nonprofits to learn more about and leverage Google services for some time, but today, the search giant is launching a new version that enables these organizations to better use Google’s technologies.

Google offers select nonprofits the ability use Google Apps for free, also offers financial credits on Google AdWords, and more. Instead of having to apply to use all of these services separately, Google now allows users to apply via a one-stop shop application process. If approved, nonprofits can access Google’s suite of product offerings designed for nonprofits. This includes up to $10,000 a month in advertising on Google AdWords, free or discounted Google Apps and premium features for YouTube and Google Maps.

The company is also rolling out Google for Nonprofits Marketplace, which connects nonprofits with professional service providers who have agreed to offer their services for a free or discounted rate. Google says these these providers are already partners from Google’s other marketplaces, such as AdWords Authorized Resellers, Google Apps Marketplace and the Google Earth Outreach Developer Marketplace.

It looks like nonprofits are already benefiting from using Google’s products. Direct Relief International has raised more than $1 million using Google AdWords, Samasource saved tens of thousands of dollars using Google Apps and the Natural Resource Defense Council earned 100,000 views from one video on their YouTube channel with no paid advertising.