Alven Capital invests €2.5 million in Entropysoft

French VC firm Alven Capital recently announced it’s second investment since the beginning of year. The firm participated in the €3 million round raised by “online optician” HappyView in February and is now announcing a new €2.5 million ($3.5 million) in Entropysoft.

It’s the first-round of funding for the company specializing in content integration solutions, which will go towards reinforcing Entropysoft’s teams in France and the US. Focusing on the integration of unstructured data, the company’s flagship product, Content Hub, aims to resolve content fragmentation challenges via the synchronization of content repositories, achriving of documents in the cloud and providing cloud-access to documentation services. In addition, Content Hub uses Entropysoft’s 40 CMS connectors, which are at the core of the company’s business.

A majority of Entropysoft’s business comes from the US, including roughy 85% of its turnover. The company also signed agreements with over 25 major US software vendors over the last 2 years.