Netflix Android App Hijacked From The LG Revolution, Leaked To The Internets

The LG Revolution isn’t even available yet, but some crazy resourceful lads have already managed to get a full dump of the handset’s innards. As we showed you (before anyone else!) back at Mobile World Congress, the LG Revolution just happens to be the only Android handset with the Netflix app on it right now — but now that the system dump is in the wild, the hacker-type crowds have ripped it out to be shared with everyone.

Alas, there’s a bit of bad news.

The bad news: You can’t… actually stream anything, right now. While the dudes over at DroidLife are thinking it’s just a matter of the Netflix team firing up things on their end, I think there might be more to it than that; last I’d heard, Qualcomm and Netflix had partnered for the DRM/Security setup in this app, requiring specific hardware in the device’s chipset (beyond that already found in most Snapdragon phones) before playback can go down.

In other words: unless something’s changed or the always-clever hacking community finds a workaround, chances seem pretty good that streaming will only work on the handsets that they intend it to work on.

On the upside, you can still use this leaked APK to browse around Netflix and manage your queue. That’s a start, right? You can find the download link over at DroidLife.