eBay Kills Upfront Costs For Auctions Of Up To 50 Items Per Month

Ecommerce juggernaut eBay this morning announced that it is making it free to list up to 50 items per month in auctions at any start price, and free to add the “Buy it Now” option to those listings.

Effective April 19, 2011, the new pricing builds on free-listing promotions announced back in January 2010.

In related news, eBay is reducing Final Value Fee rates for Store and Fixed Price sellers (on July 6, 2011), and will apply the Final Value Fee to the total amount of a sale to encourage sellers to give buyers more options for low-cost or even free shipping.

That should be good news for buyers, but not so much for sellers as eBay will take a larger commission from merchants that charge for delivery.

For more information, check AuctionBytes.