M-Edge's Case Designer Lets You Customize Your iPad, Kindle, Or Nook

This is pretty cool if you’re at all the type who puts stickers and graphics on your devices. Pick your device (iPad, Kindle 2 or 3, or Nook), add some pictures, patterns, text, and so on and you’ve got yourself a case like no other. As you can see, I’ve gone all Zelda on mine.

It’s a pretty slick little tool, but unfortunately does not support transparency, so if you are planning on layering sprites or popping a picture of you in the corner, do it in your image editor first. It’s also hard to say how sharp the image will be (that is to say, the effective resolution of your design), so don’t type anything too small or include any really important tiny details.

Pro tip: open up the customizing interface and get your margins and image aspect ratio set before you start making your pattern or resizing images.

The cases are canvas with a leather spine (like the one at right, I’m guessing, but without the strap), and cost $50 if you’re getting an iPad one and $40 otherwise. No word just yet on when an iPad 2, Nook Color, or other style cases will be available. Just heard from M-Edge: no dates yet, but other devices should be coming in the next couple months. No plans for iPad 2 just yet.