Tribes: Ascend To Continue Everyone's Favorite Flying FPS Franchise

Our most awesome readers will remember the unbelievably good times that were had (and can still be had for free) in the original Tribes. I was a god in that game with the laser rifle at 50x zoom. The sequels haven’t been as good (some better than others), but that isn’t stopping Hi-Rez Studios from attempting another one, which I desperately hope is good. It’s called Tribes: Ascend, and you can watch the announcement trailer here, though there’s no gameplay footage (argh!).

It’s being developed for a 2011 release on PC and 360, hopefully with the PC as primary. I don’t want them giving up this aspect of the game:

Those midair long-distance takedowns were key, and you really needed some mouse skills to do them. You can keep up with the latest developments at the website or on the Tribes: Ascend Facebook page.