Meet The Guy Who Bought The First iPad 2 At The SXSW Apple Pop-Up Store

Because the iPad 2 launch had the fortitude to coincide with SXSW, Apple did well by the thousands of fanboys and fanladies that have descended upon the city and built a pop up shop at 6th and Congress.

We braved the line today and got the chance to speak to the lucky man who bought the very first iPad 2 sold in Austin, Texas. Austin native and conference attendee “Sweet” John Muehlbauer (an event planner at Revolving Events) got to the store at 5:30 am and endured a 10 1/2 wait to get his hands on the sweet sweet tablet.

While the line was wrapped around the block when we got there, Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan reports that there was still a plentiful supply of iPad 2s this evening, with an estimated wait time of 15 minutes.

Watch Muehlbauer walk us through his new purchase, above. Highlights: “Walking in the store with all the excitement of the Apple people was like Christmas and Saint Patricks Day and Halloween rolled into one” and “It seems exactly the same way but does seem a little faster than the first one.”

The store will be open for the next two weeks.