Hela Disc: The Aerobie, Evolved

When it comes to flying discs (“frisbees” to the vulgar), there are many to choose from. I personally like the Koosh Woosh, but as they don’t sell that particular relic any more, I’m forced to recommend other options for summer fun. The Hela Disc looks promising: it’s like an Aerobie donut-style disc but unlike that worthy item, won’t slice your head off if you miss the catch.

The story is that the creators noticed some strange properties of a piece of cardboard they were about to throw away, which led them to design the slightly funky shape of the Hela. It’s not just a flat ring, but has a curve to it and some other micro-features that make it easier to, say, throw straight in gusty weather. Sounds good to me.

They only cost $19, so why not pick one up for your next trip to the out of doors? I’ve already got my Woosh, so I’m set, but if you want to impress your friends with throwing skillz, give this thing a try.