Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi To Cumber Shelves On April 4th?

These days, if you want a Galaxy Tab (the little one that isn’t selling well, not the big one that’s not for sale), you need to go to your local cellular provider and get one on contract. Why can’t you just get one with wi-fi? I don’t know. But I guess Samsung started asking that question too, and decided hey, why not sell a wi-fi version at Best Buy?

Yes, it looks like the Galaxy Tab wi-fi will be hitting shelves soon, and by most estimates it will stay there. Chances are that even a price-reduced $400 GalTab won’t sell well when you can get an iPad 2 for a bill more, or a refurb iPad for 50 bucks less.

Look, I love Android. And I think the Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks great. But with Xoom sales low, iPad love high, and this thing running 2.2, I just don’t see these things selling even in the triple digit range.