Picplz Adds Photo Collections And Borders

Social photo sharing app picplz is preparing to roll out an update to both its Android and iPhone apps that will add the ability to create collections of photos. The feature is already live on its Website. Under every photo, next to the like button there is now an “add to collection” button. You can photos to existing collections or create new collections. For example, here is a collection of photos of Sunsets.

The idea is that much like people like to create playlists of songs they can create collections of photos from their own, the people they follow, or just the most interesting ones. The feature will appear in both the Android and iPhone mobile apps as soon as the updates go through. Android should be today, and iPhone (iTunes link) whenever Apple gets through the backlog of SXSW apps awaiting approval.

Another requested feature that will make it into the update is the option to put borders around your photos. Each filter will have a border option. The photos do tend to look much better with borders, although this is more of a catch-up feature to competitor Instagram, which has had borders from the start.

Instagram is still growing at a faster rate than picplz, but original futures like collections should help picplz differentiate itself. Instagram doesn’t even yet offer a website experience beyond individual page links for each photo. Whereas on picplz it is easy to explore interesting photos both on the site and in the mobile app. If collections are the new playlists, they need to be shared with people in both places.