Peel Comes To Apple Stores Today

Peel is a really cool way to ditch your TV provider’s outdated on-screen guide for an app on your iPhone. Set it up with your TV likes and provider info and Boom! instantly better channel surfing interface (Peel works with pretty much every provider).

Today, Peel announced availability of their hardware companion at the Apple Store — the free app is on the iTunes Store. Cost for Peel is $99 for the hardware/software combo.


Press Release

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – March 10, 2011 – Peel today announced the availability of Peel universal control, the hardware companion to the company’s popular free iPhone app that recommends TV programming tailored to your tastes. Peel provides a personal television recommendation system that makes it easy to find, discover and tune in to your favorite TV shows, movies and sports entertainment. The Peel Universal Control is now available at Apple Stores nationwide.Peel eliminates the need for complicated TV listings, multiple remotes and the hassle of switching component inputs. Setting up takes just a few minutes, and Peel immediately begins delivering tailored TV recommendations. When you find a show you’d like to watch, simply tap “Watch it on TV” and it tunes-in your home entertainment system to begin playing the program. As you watch, Peel fine-tunes your TV recommendations based on your likes, dislikes and social interactions.

“Sifting through the seemingly unlimited choices of shows and movies to find something you want to watch is a chore,” said Bala Krishnan, co-founder and president of Peel. “We designed Peel to give you instant access to TV you’ll want to watch. We handle everything else, so you can just sit back and watch your shows.”

With a design that disappears into living room décor, the Peel “fruit” seamlessly controls your whole entertainment system including your TV, cable box, Blu-Ray player, AV receiver and more. Peel’s wireless technology means no more aiming at the system – control simply just happens, from anywhere in the house. Users can find programming, search and automatically switch channels and inputs, and adjust volume even when they are out of the viewing room.

The Peel app

The free Peel iPhone, iPod touch® and iPad® app recommends TV programming you like based on your personal preferences. The more you interact with the guide, the more tailored your programming recommendations become.

The Gesture Pad

After you choose a show, the Peel interface switches to an intuitive Gesture Pad. Swipe up or down to control volume and right or left to rewind or fast-forward your DVR. Tap in the middle to pause your DVR. If you have a non-DVR set-top box, swipe left or right to channel surf within a genre and tap in the middle to mute. All of this is possible without looking at your iPhone or iPod touch.

“Peel has created a unique second screen interface to let users interact with TV in the most comfortable way possible. As a touch screen with simple and immediate interaction, a smart phone or tablet is ideal for choosing and accessing a show. However, once you’re watching, your attention should be on the big screen,” said Greg Lindley, chief experience officer for Peel.

Peel universal control features:

  • Seamless control of entire home entertainment systems: TV, Blu-ray and DVD players, Apple TV, Roku, stereos and more
  • No cords, dongles or cables – powered by a single C battery
  • Easy 5-minute setup – simply plug in and follow instructions on Peel app

Pricing and Availability

The free Peel app is available for download at the Apple App Store. Peel universal control is now available at Apple Stores nationwide and online for $99. Peel will be conducting product demonstrations in New York City Apple Stores in March. Check New York City Apple Store calendars for more details.

About Peel

Peel was founded around passion for making the home entertainment experience friendlier. Combining program discovery, simple and seamless universal control and shared entertainment experiences steps beyond simple remote controls and changes the TV landscape. Founded in 2009, award-winning Peel received Series A financing from Redpoint Ventures, known for its successful endeavors in consumer entertainment and interactive media including Netflix and Tivo. For more information visit

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