Windows Phone 7's Copy & Paste Update Delayed?

With March 14th just days away, we’re nearing the end of the “first two weeks of March” window that Microsoft had promised would bring Windows Phone 7’s long-awaited Copy & Paste (Codename “NoDo”) update.

After word got out that Microsoft’s Pre-Update Update (the one intended to do little more than prep handsets for the big update on the way) was bricking handsets, folks started wondering if the dates might slip back — and if Microsoft’s French PR blog is to be believed, that’s exactly what has happened.

From their blog (Translated with Google Translate):

We are delighted to share with you that this update will be available in the second half of March through your Zune software. A notification will be pushed on all the Windows 7 Phone, allowing you to perform the update in the best conditions.

I’m no mathematician, but I don’t think the “first two weeks of March” ever falls in the “second half of March”. In the meantime, go watch this incredible fan-made WP7 commercial.

[Via ZDNet]