StartupDigest Takes $200,000 To Curate Information For Entrepreneurs

Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur who wants to keep up with the latest startup news and events. You could scan places like Twitter, Facebook, and Quora, but the picture would likely be incomplete. You could use RSS, but if you fully tried to keep up your day would quickly become a nightmare (trust me from experience). Assuming you’re already busy beyond your wildest dreams, the best option may be a curated one. That’s essentially StartupDigest’s pitch to would-be subscribers. And today they get to expand their scope, with $200,000 in funding from The Kauffman Foundation.

When Chris McCann co-founded the email newsletter service in late 2009, they had just 22 subscribers. Today, they have over 120,000. And they have a team of curators working all over the world to deliver information in a timely manner. They have subscribers in the over 50 cities that they currently serve. But the aim is to get bigger.

We will use the money for three things — hiring a managing editor, expanding to more cities & verticals, and scaling the production of tactical technology entrepreneurship education videos for distribution through StartupDigest anywhere in the world,” McCann says.

For The Kauffman Foundation, this latest funding continues along a trend that includes both AngelList and Startup Weekend.

Below, find StartupDigest’s growth chart. You can sign up for the free service on their site.