Power Pod, A Practical, Pellet-Shaped Power Strip

Let’s be honest for a second. Our power strips are things we chose based on either price or functionality, not elegance or design. That’s okay! They sit behind our desks, quietly and modestly routing electricity and preventing surges. But what if you want one in plain view? Wouldn’t you like it to be… just a little bit sexy?

Coalesse has you covered. Their Power Pod is a circular power strip (or power pellet) with room for six grounded plugs. It’s got surge protection, an on-off switch, and it looks nice enough to put on your desk.

When not in use, you can use that sectioned thing to make it into a pen and paper clip holder. Maybe it’s just me, but storing metal paper clips inside power plugs just doesn’t sound like a good idea. You don’t have to do that, though, it’s just an option.

The Power Pod will be available on March 21st for $99. Yeah, it’s expensive. Good design costs money. Or maybe you should cry about it!

[via NYT Gadgetwise]