Dropico Launches Yet Another Photo Sharing App (But You Just Might Like It)

There’s no shortage of apps for iOS, Android and other mobile platforms that enable you to easily share photos with your family, friends and/or the rest of the world. In fact, there hasn’t been a shortage of those for years now, and yet we continue to get pitched for new ones being released seemingly every day.

Enter Dropico, which got me to test-drive its brand new iPhone app (an Android app is also available).

They pitched it as vastly different from the likes of Instagram, PicPlz, Path, Bubblegum, PhotoRocket, Posterous, Flickr, Picasa, Plixi, Minus, Burstn, Yfrog, Facebook, Twitpic, DailyBooth, SmugShot, PhonePic, Shutterfly, Snapr, Drippic, Rrripple, Imgur, Photo Beam, PhotoScatter and a host of other photo sharing apps.

And is it? Yes … and no.

The truth is that if Dropico’s app was the first photo sharing tool you’d ever try on your smartphone, my guess is you would absolutely love it.

The app genuinely functions well and comes loaded with features like filtering (yes, like Instagram) and automatic pushing to your favorite social networking and photo sharing services (including storage services such as Dropbox).

But if you already use one of the services mentioned above and weren’t specifically looking for an alternative, you might not even care. Still, the Dropico iPhone app I tested – a couple of times – is definitely one you should check out if you’re ready to switch to another service.

I, for example, use Posterous to automatically push photos I upload to my blog to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. In that sense, and since I don’t like to apply filters or other special effects to pictures I take with my phone, I simply don’t see why I should use Dropico instead of the Posterous iPhone app. There’s just no added value in it for me.

Two things that makes Dropico stand out, however: the variety of filters one can apply to photos, and how easy it is to privately share photos with a limited list of close friends (it works with Twitter direct messages, a private feed on Facebook, and so on).

If you feel those are features that really matter to you, be sure to give Dropico a whirl.

In conclusion: there’s no way around it – Dropico really is yet another photo sharing app. Check it out anyhow: the app is feature-rich, the design of the UI is nice and it just works.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZY5xY_3tEs&w=640&h=390]